How it works!


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You must be wondering how this works?
How do I use a hangover patch?

The Forget Hangovers Patch is intended to be used prior to drinking. Simply apply the patch topically to the skin (preferably in an area with little to no body hair) and that’s it. The patch contains 75 milligrams of Thiamin, better known as Vitamin B-1. Over the next 24-36 hours, Vitamin B-1 will be directly released into the bloodstream through the skin. The Forget Hangovers Patch replenishes one of the major vitamins that alcohol depletes while you are drinking, PREVENTING the hangover before it begins.

What is Thiamin?

Thiamin is a water-soluble vitamin included in the B-complex family. Thiamin is found naturally in a number of foods, particularly in cereal, grains, yeast, and even animal tissue such as pork. Thiamin is vital to the body due to its role in maintaining brain functions and assisting the body in converting fat and carbohydrates into energy.

So what does Thiamin have to do with preventing a hangover?

Thiamin has an essential role in the breakdown and metabolization of alcohol in our body. Drinking alcohol rapidly depletes the bodies’ natural level of Thiamin, thus slowing down the normal processes of the liver, which metabolizes and oxidizes the alcohol out of the blood. This process begins to create a thiamin deficiency within our body. The lack of Thiamin in our body results in dehydration and a lack of normal brain functions, two of the most common symptoms of a hangover.

Why the Patch?

Transdermal delivery allows for small doses of Thiamin to enter directly into the bloodstream as our body needs. This is a much more effective method of delivery of vita- mins and nutrients to the body as compared to capsules or pills, which must first travel through the digestive system before reaching our blood stream. In addition, about 90% of vitamins and minerals are water soluble, causing them to be immediately excreted from the body after traveling through our digestive system and are therefore wasted. Plus, who wants to carry around a bottle of pills all night?

What should I use the patch for?

The patch could be worn for many occasions! It’s not just for a night out drinking with friends. You could wear it for a day on the golf course, laying on the beach, enjoying a concert, or even a with a few drinks over dinner. No matter what the drinking situation, this product will enhance your productivity for the next day. No event is too big or too small for the Forget Hangovers Patch.

What the patch does NOT do?

The Forget Hangovers Patch in no way affects your blood alcohol levels (BAC) and does not remove alcohol from your blood stream. This product does not PREVENT, REDUCE, OR MODIFY any of the mental impairments that alcohol induces. This product will also NOT allow a person to safely operate a vehicle or any other motorized equipment.

Please drink responsibly.